Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Adobe India Questions

I have taken the adobe written test and these are the sample questions they used to ask.

There are 4 written tests.
1. Aptitude:(Multiple choice paper)very simple geometry & algebra. 1 minute per such as sum of angles of a triangle etc.for attempting the first part:There are 2 columns and if entry in column a is greater than b then tick: a if entry in column b is greater tick:b if both are equal tick: c\ if cannot determine: d
jaisey ki they will give u a right angle triangle with 2 angles X & Y and third is ofcourse in the 2 columns they might right x , y respectively. Then since it cannot be determined which is greater so the answer would be d.
Some algebra like ki jo questions bachpan mein kiye they... linear equations bana kar ho jaatey hain jo.
There are 42. Analytical:(Multiple choice or one word answer type) puzzles. Be analytical in this paper relax and try to make some meaningful diagrams out of the questions or something and you would be able to solve it.

3. c/c++ or Java (choice)Writing code.Since I gave the c/c++ paper I know only that:1. write a recursive program that prints: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5... (upto n terms where n is the input). This is fibonacci series.2. write a program for breadth first search of a graph. bfs(Graph *g, int currentIndex, NodeValue value ) //note Graph is actually a structure containing the adjacency matrix and data about the graph. (typedefed), value is the element being searched. current index is the index the search is on. assume 0 to be the root node. {
// assumed taking a visit matrix of size g->NumberOfNodes X g->NumberOfNodes. std::queue q;
q.push_back(0); // 0 is the index of root. pushing in root. while (!q.empty()) { currentIndex = q.front(); q.pop();
visit[currentIndex] = 1; visitNode(currentIndex, value); // do whatever. for (i = 0; i <>NumberOfNodes; i++) { // visit all children of currentNode. if (g->adj_matrix[currentIndex][i] == 1 && visited[i] == 0) q.push_back(i); } } }
4. Engineering:-Giving reasons for answers is compulsory.
Automata Theory: Simple DFA... like make a dfa that accepts even number of a's and odd number of b's. NOthing more than DFA is asked.Searching/Sorting : all kinds of searching and sorting.
DataStructures: Tree traversals. pre-order in-order post order.Sample question: given a pre-order and in-order traversal draw the tree.
Complexity: big-O notation only. Sample questions: write an algorithm to find an element in a sorted array and also derive its complexity.
what is the complexity of following code:-for (i =0; i< n; i++) for (j =0 j < i; j/=2) { .... }
Answer: I think it should be n log(n). what do u say?

Test:1. Write an algo whihc calculates X pow m in O(log n) time2. what this function is doing F(a,) return 0 if b > a return F((a-b),b) else 3.See the following and answer if (a>b) 25%and (B>c) 75% how many times the foo_2() will be called if the program is executed 5000 times. if(a>b) { foo_1(); } else { if(b>c){ foo_2(); } }4.invert all odd bits of a number5.invert 20th bit of a number6.for 100 sorted elements array a. what will be avg complexity of searching an element in the array b. write a code for searching an element
7.write strindex(char *c,char*t) whihc finds the rightmost index of t in c8.write some preprocessors in C9.what does sizeof returns10 write a function prototype which returns a char * and takes a function pointer which returns void* and takes int and char * as input11.write prototype of printf function12.write a DFA which accepts aabb*.13.create a tree for which inorder and preorder traversal is given14.insert a node at pth position from end of a list in O(n) time.15.what is B+ tree.wrtie a algorithem for following 1.given an array of 100 elements and the numbers in the array are in the range from 0-9 what will be complexity of your algo 16.write algo of Binary search17.print 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 without using recursion.18.write string reversal algo and derive the complexity also.

2 examples of preprocessor directive
use of preprocessor flag
WAP (write a program) to find whether a given no is a power of 2 using
bitwise operators.
why there is no virtual static function?
you have allocated a big chunk of memory. Now write your mymalloc and
myfree func to use this memory only.
you have one big unsorted file in hard disk, which is bigger than your
RAM size. Now WAP to sort this file

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Katrina (indian looks)

FW: Katrina (indian looks)
Originally uploaded by flyingdeath.
She is cuter than anything.......


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