Thursday, October 27, 2005

C++ is 20 year old now

20 Years of C++
Check it out. C++ has reached its adulthood.

Adwords Spam

Ever since I subscribed to the Google Adwords for my blog all of sudden number of comments increased. :) not really a good news. Not valid readers are increased but only spam. Too sad. I dont wanna enable restriction on comments so I gotta find out some way. Any way Software always can be debugged :)

Intersting post at Channel 9

Intersting reading at Channel 9

Google Reader in its beta

GOOGLE READER is ready to be used in its beta. Its web based feed reader like My Yahoo or other feed manager but its cool like other G products..

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Google Hiring beautiful gals

Google Hiring Beautiful gals Lol
Click the above described link. Looks like Aishwarya Rai will soon be S/W engineer.

IIPM sucks

I dont about IIPM but I know whats happening within India.

Freedom of speech is no longer asset of India. Rashmi Bansal was attacked by IIPM guys. Why just b'coz she found that IIPM disagress to. Whats happening man.
How do they(IIPM) think they can compete with IIM. They are just piece of shit.
Gaurav Sabnis had to leave the IBM b'coz he didn't agree with IIPM. Shame to you IBM. U lost a guy who was firm to u'r firm.
I'm with Indian blogosphere who hates this kind of activity. We have a right to speak and write what we want and nobody can take this away from us.
Join the fight against evil at

IIPM sucks
Blogging is my right. Nobody can stop me. Nobody. Keep it up guys


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