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Options Oracle issue: Current configured preferred server is not available

Last updated on 17-Jun-2017

If you are an options oracle user and you are getting one of these weird error with Options Oracle as soon as you launch it, A simple fix is suggested below.
Error Message"Current Configured Preferred Server is Not Available. Using 'PlugIn Server US (CBOE)'

Simply extract the plugin file (link provided below) to your %appdata%\OptionsOracle folder (Create one if you don't have it already there) and run options oracle. Hurrah the error is gone and you will now be prompted to update plugins as well. You should also be able to see the list of plugins available in the configuration option. Enjoy!!!

Problem: Problem is with the plugin file hosted by Samosky. It has a space missing in its plugin xml file which causes issues with the plugins (e.g. NSE)

File as updated on 02-Sept-2013

NOTE: Please enter ^NIFTY as the symbol for Nifty. Lots of people are entering incorrect symbol which is why they don't see the data.


Use option Oracle from here: (Disclaimer: Not hosted by me. Got this from Traderji Group but tested and working)
Update 27-Mar-2014
People have reported issues with the software after NSE upgraded their site templates, so previous version may not work for downloading data for NIFTY. I have tried a quick fix for ^NIFTY and you can download the updated file at the following location (Thanks to the original uploader matsol)

Update 17 Jun 2017

Download the Options Oracle from this location

Please note:

  1. only ^NIFTY is working. Don't know about other symbols. Will try to take a look later.
  2. Not sure about the data correctness. Please verify and report an issue with screenshot if you think its incorrect 


Any issues with the options oracle or plug-in file, file a bug below I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.

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