Thursday, December 13, 2007

Brick Walls are There for a Reason

Couldn't resist myself from writing this blog after watching this great video.

It's Awesome! simply awesome lecture.

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch, who is dying from pancreatic cancer, gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007.

See his inspiring, emotional, funny lecture. This is a must watch.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Media Player Performance

I've been looking all over the internet to find out which media player can play my media files without hurting my system performance which is very important when you are doing some CPU/Memory intensive work and needs to listen music as well.

I dint get a very good search result which compare them based on their performance. So I'm writing my own results may be it will help someone choose their media player.

Right now I have two P4 3.4, 512 MB RAM, 120 GB HDD. Lots of msngr running. 2 IE 7 Window opened (12 tabs) and this Word 2007 window.

Media Player

Memory consumption on start

Avg. Memory consumption

Windows Media Player 11

30 MB

22 MB


9 MB

11 MB

GMplayer (MPlayer with GUI)

19 MB

26 MB

MPlayer console

5 MB

5 MB


Please post your statistics so that I can update the list and perhaps someone else could seek help from it.

I'll be updating the list as soon as I get my hands on other media players. But I guess FooBar2000 is pretty light-weight and get my preference over other when I'm low on system resources.

  • Yahoo! Juke box sucks Last time I used it, it used to crash very frequently and very high boot time.
  • Real sucks I don't like those freaking ads and RealSched process that gets added in the startup no matter how many time I remove it.
  • Used to use Jet Audio but dint use it from a long time
  • Was a great fan of WinAMP 2 series but after WinAMP 5 it is of no good use.

BTW: Streaming music from internet is better in terms of performance but quality is not that great.

Tips: WMP eats up loads of memory if you open it in library mode. Keep it in No Visualization mode with Now playing window opened and it will perform better.

My personal favorite is WMP11 when I work on my 2GB - x64 Dual Core.

Thanks go to:

Saturday, April 14, 2007

मेरी प्रथम हिन्दी कथा

मैं काफ़ी दिनो से प्रयासरत था कि मैं हिन्दी मैं अपना ब्लाग लिखना शुरु करुं । आज अंततः इस बात की शुरुआत हो ही गयी.

प्रारंभ मे यह थोडा मुश्किल अव्श्य है पर समय के साथ मैं तेजी के साथ लिख्नना प्रारंभ कर दूंगा.


इस रचना के निर्माण मे मेरी सहायता की है Barkha नामक software ने. and I'm very greatful to this software for helping me out.


This is extremely helpful package for writing hindi and it is quite easy to use much easier than in build hindi IME from Microsoft.

Monday, April 09, 2007

IPod virus

So finally here we are,

After the long list windows viruses and some mac exploits, we finally got something for the portable music players.

As you all might be aware of no software is bug free and you are portable music players are no exception they run some small media player software on top of a tiny os so no wonder we've got this nasty things for your cool IPods.

Its called Podloso and found by the KasperSky labs.

Not that harmful though but this is just the beginning of the world.

Full report on

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sanjaya in final 9

Despite his cocky voice without any melody in it Sanjaya shows no hurry to get out of the most valued TV show of the America. His style (read hair style) keeping him in the finalist. After winning the support from Howard Stern and the votefortheworst contest he is receiving more attention than any other competitor…

Let's see how far can you go.. Once you get in the Top 5 you will have to unveil the real singer or you are screwed up.

PS. Hey Dude come back… You don't deserve to be there….

Yahoo launched a new search engine in its alpha

Yahoo launched a new search engine in its alpha stage. It's more like a Meta search engine just as google mashup.

Find it at

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Windows Vista : Built in administrator account disabled - Feature or Bug

Yes WOW is now.
So here comes the Windows Vista with its enhanced UI features and tighten security.
Its beautiful its awesome to use. Vista search rocks so does the office 2007 .
IE7 is great. I dont usually use firefox now (though I use flock sometimes) 90% of the time I use IE now. Media player and media center are better than ever. Windows mail is same as before not much improved except that UI is nicer and junk mail filter. Outlook is very very improved btw.
Anyways everybody is singing these words now a days so I need not talk about this any more.

Though I like all above features still I'm furious about the so called security enhancements. Particularly about the Disabled default administrator account.
On my Vista Ulmtimate I had 2 admin account. One obviously that default admin and one of my own restricted admin. Everything was going great without any problem till the day I thought of using much hyped vista standard accounts so I demoted my account to standard user. Every thing was ok till I realized I did the biggest mistake of my OS life time. I didn't have a admin account now because that precious built in admin is disabled now. Even in safe mode I can't access that account..
I dont blame myself for the silly mistake 'coz I used to recover easily from similiar problem in XP.

LOL in my linux unix days I always had some backdoor to recover from the injury but now I'm totally scrwed up. I dont wanna reinstall my whole system. Its a big trouble for me at the moment.

Vista team did a great work over this whole new operating system. Kudos to them, but they forgot to take care of this edge case scenario which is not really an edge case..

Looking forward for the solution of this problem soon

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