Thursday, June 02, 2005

Convocation 31st May


Got my degree on 31st may 2005. 

We enjoyed a lot over there.  The whole show was exciting. It was good to see all juniors and seniors and friends after such a long time and may be last time in such a larger group. I can't forget all the good time I spent there with my friends who showed me the meaning of love.

So here are some never lasting memories. may be I'll see these pics again the day I'll be dying and leave this world with a smile on my lips..........

the first pic is of my dearest cheeku Cheeku

Our beautiful college.
GBPEC, My den

Here are we  with Red Eye effect.

Sandeep Singh Rawat

remember all these guys.............

budda my best friend hey semwal I couldn't get your single pic. I tried from messenger but didn't get one.
So here are semwal main chacha pulkit arpit joshi reena vandana degree holder

Finally just to make memories sweet.............( Pics Removed Due to changed time. This is the placeholder if u came looking from google for your friends. Sorry guys I hijacked your name)

How can I forget Durga

Missing you all friends....

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