Thursday, October 27, 2005

Adwords Spam

Ever since I subscribed to the Google Adwords for my blog all of sudden number of comments increased. :) not really a good news. Not valid readers are increased but only spam. Too sad. I dont wanna enable restriction on comments so I gotta find out some way. Any way Software always can be debugged :)

Author : Smoke'N Ashes // 2:18 PM


Anonymous said...

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Jinal Shah said...

oh good. you use the word verification thingy. that should help you reduce the spam comments.

anyways I did think Bombay was expensive, atleast for a recent graduate like me who was still jobless. Maybe next time when I go--with a job- it won't be so bad :)
or maybe it was just reverse-culture shock! I had returned after 2.5 years.


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