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Killed for doing his job, Manjunath

Lost in the din over the Bihar elections is the story of 27-year-old IIM graduate Manjunath Shanmugham killed for doing his duty. As a manager with the Indian Oil Corporation, he ordered the shutdown of an IOC petrol pump in Lakhimpur Kheriwhere he was postedfor allegedly selling adulterated fuel.
Over the past three months, Manjunath had shut down two IOC dealer petrol pumps in Lakhimpur for selling adulterated fuel.
&His friends and batchmates have sent several emails to The Indian Express drawing parallels with the murder of Satyendra Dubeythe IIT engineer and NHAI official who was killed in Gaya after he complained of corruption on the Golden Quadrilateral.
For a grieving father, thats little consolation.
Especially, when his son had told him about the risks, the mafia, and the father had advised him to let go of some things because he was all alone.
Having not heard from his son for three days, at around 9 pm last Saturday, the father, M Shanmughan, a design manager with BEML in Kolar Gold Fields, sent an SMS: How are you?
There was no reply.
For, that evening, Manjunath was beaten up and then riddled with at least six bullets. His body was found in the backseat of his own car. At the wheel, were two employees of the petrol pump, on their way to dispose of the body. Both were arrested on Saturday and the main accused, pump-owner Monu Mittal, was held today along with four others.
On Sunday, at a family function in Chennai, Shanmughan got a call saying his son had been shot.

Manjunath, an engineering graduate from JSS Engineering College, Mysore, and an MBA from IIM, Lucknow had ordered the sealing of the pump for selling adulterated fuel. But a month later, the pump started operating again, prompting him to conduct a surprise raid. It was during the raid that he was murdered, say UP police.
He was killed for doing his duty, said a tearful Shanmughan after the cremation. He told me many times that he was working in an area with many mafia gangs and that anything could happen to him. I never thought it could happen, he said, fighting to regain his composure. He used to tell me about the lack of proper controlling systems and official support when it came to stopping adulteration and booking wrongdoers in UP. He said it is a lawless world and for survival, one has to keep mum even if there are irregularities, said Shanmughan. He wanted the dealers to follow all norms. I used to tell him you are alone, dont get worked up, let some things go. He said he was responsible to his company and its sales... I told him to come back home. But he said he loved the challenge.
The family resides in Kolar, 90 km from Bangalore. He was the eldest of three children. He financed all his education himself through loans, said the distraught father.
Manjunaths death has shocked and outraged all those who knew him. He was such a free spirit. He had no enemies and yet he suffered such a heinous fate. Just because he was doing his duty, his IIM classmate Sunit Sapra wrote in an e-mail to The Indian Express. The case is no less than the killing of Satyendra Dubey. The criminals must be brought to justice and Manjus sacrifice must be given the respect it deserves, he wrote.
For Manjunaths professor at IIM-L, Debashis Chatterjee, its a personal loss. He was not our typical 8-point brilliant student... but he was a go-getter, very courageous and hardworking. He used to come to me at 4 am to study... we all will miss him, he said. Chatterjee plans to get in touch with as many alumni as possible to decide on a course of action. We shall not let him vanish quietly into the night, he said. Messages from his batchmates are pouring in.
He would always keep his mind on the silver lining of a dark cloud, always laughing and joking around. You fought the odds real hard. Goodbye Machan, wrote Karthik Parthasarathy, IIM-L Batch of 2003. He was the booming voice of 3.4, our campus band. He sang from the bottom of his heart, and with an infectious enthusiasm. One of those singers who made the listeners feel like singing along, or at least clap in tune. Bye Machan, wrote Gaurav Sabnis, IIM-L batch of 2003. Machan is what they used to call Manjunath, the singer from Karnataka. At Mysore, they had a singing contest where girls dropped flowers to vote for the best singer, it was my son who won, said Shanmughan, fighting his tears.

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I hate to say that we are living in such a world (or country) where these kind of incidents are happening again and again. Nobody fears law......
Wake up people.......... wake up. Nobody listening

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ShantanuDas said...

Text of Message to the Father of Sri Manjunath, Sales Officer of IndianOil

Mani Shankar Aiyar,
Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas & Panchayati Raj,
Government of India,
New Delhi.

Dear Shri. Shanmugham,

While I was out of the country, I learned with horror of the dastardly murder of your son, Shri Manjunath Shanmugham, Sales Officer of IOC at Lakhimpur Kheri. I was deeply saddened by this tragic and despicable act which snapped the life of a young and energetic officer, full of promise and character. I strongly condemn this heinous sin and offer my deepest condolences to you and other members of your family at this terrible tragedy which has befallen all of us.

I have been informed by the chairman, IOC that all necessary action has been initiated to book the culprits of this heinous act and assistance has been extended to you. However, if you feel at any time that I can be of any assistance to your family, please do not hesitate to let me know immediately.

Yours sincerely
Mani Shankar Aiyar

Shri M. Shanmugham
400, Oil Mill Road
Kanniyappan Mudaliar Layout
Geeta Road Extn, Vivek Nagar
Robertson pet, Kolar Gold Fields
Kolar 563 122


Kinda funny na? Minister is also from Kolar?? Maybe justice will come then & maybe the system will change (??)


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