Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Reservation Issue

On the burning issue of reservation someone came up with the following idea.

I think we should have job reservations in all the fields. I completely support the PM and all the politicians for promoting this.

Let's start the reservation with our cricket team.

We should have 10 percent reservation for Muslims. 30 percent for OBC, SC/ST like that. Cricket rules should be modified accordingly.
The boundary circle should be reduced for an SC/ST player.
The four hit by an OBC player should be considered as a six and a six hit by a OBC player should be counted as 8 runs.
An OBC player scoring 60 runs should be declared as a century.
We should influence ICC and make rules so that the pace bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar should not bowl fast balls to our OBC player.
Bowlers should bowl maximum speed of 80 kilometer per hour to an OBC player.
Any delivery above this speed should be made illegal.

Also we should have reservation in Olympics.
In the 100 meters race, an OBC player should be given a gold medal if he runs 80 meters. There can be reservation in Government jobs also.
Let's recruit SC/ST and OBC pilots for aircrafts which are carrying the ministers and politicians (that can really help the country.. )
Ensure that only SC/ST and OBC doctors do the operations for the ministers and other politicians. (Another way of saving the country..)

Let's be creative and think of ways and means to guide INDIA forward...
Let's show the world that INDIA is a GREAT country.
Let's be proud of being an INDIAN.. May the good breed of politicians like ARJUN SINGH long live... So, what do you think, huh???

Protest against the reservation should be continued. These bloody politicians are trying to break the unity of India as a nation. They are the persons who make people of India fight with each other and play their election game on top of this.

Author : Smoke'N Ashes // 12:31 AM


Smoke'N Ashes said...

its' no way related to what u r sayin. NObody hav any problem even if 100% seats are filled with the eligible candidate from SC/ST/OBC. Y the heck do I care if I'm incompetent for something? Should I still greed for tht thing. No Absolutely not. If an asshole comes and operate ur ass u definitely hav a problem right doesnt matter whether he/she is an OBC or FC.
I think I made my point clear

Tanuj....trying to be the chauvinist!! said...

it's not a matter just to operate on ur ass ....but it is related something to wat gonna happen to already in a nation which is in a state of communal riots and talking always as ever before abt the unity..........
reservation is just another way to bring down some more divisions apart from communities.......

dan said...

Ofcourse...don't forget the Military too.

dan said...

trying to balance da equation in the nothingness of these nobody skulls...???

There should definitely b 100% rres ...nd da fuck who wants a me.


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