Thursday, July 06, 2006

Krrish caught the attention of western blogs

One of the most viewed blog talks about a blollywood movie Krrish in their blog. This is a huge success to the bollyowood.

I still didn't get a chance to see the movie, but I still dont think that it should be anyway comparable to the hollywood's productions.
the link

Author : Smoke'N Ashes // 1:06 AM


Tanuj....trying to be the chauvinist!! said...

no i don't think so dear........krrish is really a gr8 innovetion that took place in the history of bollywood...moreover this movie includes romance, songs, comedy,....& a lot of action and is the biggest earning in bollywood for more than 1 crore in 3 weeks.....
can hollywood make such a movie for just 40 crores?????????

Smoke'N Ashes said...

Not if it comes to 40 Crores Rupees. But surely if it is 40 Crore USD.

Bollywod movies are good but still a long way to go to compete wid movies like god father, shawshank redemption and so on... just ma 2 cents


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