Saturday, May 12, 2007

Media Player Performance

I've been looking all over the internet to find out which media player can play my media files without hurting my system performance which is very important when you are doing some CPU/Memory intensive work and needs to listen music as well.

I dint get a very good search result which compare them based on their performance. So I'm writing my own results may be it will help someone choose their media player.

Right now I have two P4 3.4, 512 MB RAM, 120 GB HDD. Lots of msngr running. 2 IE 7 Window opened (12 tabs) and this Word 2007 window.

Media Player

Memory consumption on start

Avg. Memory consumption

Windows Media Player 11

30 MB

22 MB


9 MB

11 MB

GMplayer (MPlayer with GUI)

19 MB

26 MB

MPlayer console

5 MB

5 MB


Please post your statistics so that I can update the list and perhaps someone else could seek help from it.

I'll be updating the list as soon as I get my hands on other media players. But I guess FooBar2000 is pretty light-weight and get my preference over other when I'm low on system resources.

  • Yahoo! Juke box sucks Last time I used it, it used to crash very frequently and very high boot time.
  • Real sucks I don't like those freaking ads and RealSched process that gets added in the startup no matter how many time I remove it.
  • Used to use Jet Audio but dint use it from a long time
  • Was a great fan of WinAMP 2 series but after WinAMP 5 it is of no good use.

BTW: Streaming music from internet is better in terms of performance but quality is not that great.

Tips: WMP eats up loads of memory if you open it in library mode. Keep it in No Visualization mode with Now playing window opened and it will perform better.

My personal favorite is WMP11 when I work on my 2GB - x64 Dual Core.

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Author : Smoke'N Ashes // 2:12 AM


Unknown said...

and if you know some s/w things u must know that the actual performance may differ based on the format of song u r playing and when did u calculate the memory usage. when changing songs it should consume a lil bit more memory than in normal playback.


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