Thursday, August 19, 2010

Solution: Facebook Social Plugins not working in IE

What to do when you’ve worked hard to integrate Facebook plugins with your website and they look cool on Firefox/Chrome but all of a sudden you feel disappointed when it doesn’t work at all in IE, or may be works sometime but not always (as in my case).

Being an avid IE fan and user, I can’t just sit back and relax when it’s not working on IE. So here is a small modification you need to make to your page when you feel you’ve done everything correct but your fb:like or fb:login-button are still not working.
Add the xmlns:fb namespace to your page and you are done. I just forgot to add this to my page and was living in frustration for one whole day until I came across this post. Then I realized it was a silly mistake and I should’ve added this before when my Visual Studio was complaining about the unrecognized fb tag Smile

<html xmlns:fb="">

I hope it helps some people implementing Facebook connect on their pages.

Author : Unknown // 4:33 AM



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